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  Waltron, The Solution Provider for Ultrapure Water Analysis Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer Aqualyzer® 9065 AQUALYZER® 9065 SERIES

The New Luminescence Oxygen Analyzer 9065 utilizes new luminescent technology for measuring dissolved oxygen in water at ppb levels.Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Technology Luminescent technology has unique features and benefits compared to traditional dissolved oxygen sensing technologies. The 9065 provides high accuracy with excellent long-term stability. The 9065 Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer can be used in a variety of online analysis applications throughout many different industries.  
AQUALYZER® 9001 SERIES, Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer, Aqualizer® 9065

FEATURES / BENEFITS Wide range analysis: 0.10ppb – 2000ppb (other ranges available on request) No sensor maintenance (no membrane, no electrolyte)No calibration for up to 2 years Simple operationExtremely fast response time Compact design No sample interference  Excellent results independent of sample flow rate  Use in liquid and gas applications  High temperature alarm  Multiple sensor configuration     Waltron, The Solution Provider for Ultrapure Water Analysis  Silica Analyzer 3041

Accurate and wide-range analysis Minimal analyzer maintenanceMulti-stream (up to eight streams) Automatic operationShort cycle time Automatic reagent detection  Adjustable cycle and calibration frequency  Automatic calibration and validation (QA/QC)  Small size  Touchscreen display  Grab sample  Internal datalogger  Automatic start/stop based on sample flow detection