Hanbay Actuators

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Since 2004, Hanbay’s advanced, precise and miniature valve actuators have modernized the electric valve actuator market. Today, Hanbay is at the forefront of the valve automation industry, manufacturing electric valve actuators that can be used in any application. Control any valve or pressure regulator with precise rotary or linear automation. Tell us about your valve application. We can automate anything.

image (1) R-Series | Explosion-proof

Hanbay’s R-series actuators are compact, robust and CSA/UL explosion-proof rated.  They are compatible with any valve or pressure regulator up to 4″. The 12-24VDC valve actuator is rugged enough to handle any harsh environment while occupying minimal space. With a torque range of up to 1200 in-lbs, control anything from delicate metering valves to bulky gate valves with ease.

image M-Series
Hanbay’s M-series actuators are precise, compact and compatible with any valve or pressure regulator up to 2″. The M-series easily integrates into any flow control system. These electric valve actuators can be configured for ½ turn ¼ turn, or proportional multi-turn automation. Ask about our custom features and control options.
 image (2) L-Series | Linear Automation 

Hanbay’s L-series is configured for linear automation reducing wear and tear on the valve. With a thrust range of up to 2200 in-lbs, these sleek actuators are ideal for controlling high pressure and high viscosity fluids. The L-series is available in multiple housings including: standard aluminum, stainless-steel, submersible, CSA/UL rated explosion-proof and polyethylene enclosures.