RCM Industries


RCM Industries Inc. manufactures the Flo-Gage™ and Flo-Gard II™ differential pressure flow meters, flow switches, flow transmitters and digital display flow meters. Our direct reading differential pressure flow meters for lube oil, cooling water, compressed air, oxygen, carbon dioxide. Saturated steam can also be measured up to 120psig and Ammonia service flow meters. Improve productivity, reduce cost and protect critical equipment and processes with RCM’s family of differential pressure flowmeters for liquids and gases. The Flow Meter measures flow based on a pressure differential across a calibrated flow nozzle. The flow meters are available in pipe sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 8″ pipe, NPT, BSP, solder connection and wafer flange style connection and your choice of Bronze, Stainless Steel or Monel alloys.