K-TORK vane actuators are available in both double-acting and spring-return configurations with torque outputs up to 18,300 Nm (155,000 in-lbs). K-TORK is a true rotary actuator – there is no sideload transferred to the actuator housing or valve stem. Additionally, K-TORK actuators provide a simple, proven method to mount fail-safe springs, manual overrides and control accessories.The vane actuator design provides high torque output in a compact size. The dual-opposed lip seals eliminate all pressure-retaining o-rings in the actuator, providing the user Electronic Cigarette with a long, trouble-free operating life.


  • Integral NAMUR VDI/VDE 3485 for top-mount controls and NAMUR solenoid valve interface
  • Rated for operating pressure range 3-10 bar (40-150 PSI)
  • Standard temperature range -20°C. to +80°C (-20°F to +175°F)
  • High temperature range to +149°C (+300°F)
  • Constant, level double-acting torque output
  • Totally-sealed spring return with low torque loss
  • Standard TGIC-Polyester powder-coat finish
  • Optional ‘RANGER’ Corrosion-Guard finish


  • De-clutch manual override gearbox
  • Limited travel/reduced rotation actuators
  • Open/Close controls

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